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Why The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Is Necessary

Generally, vaccines are intended to be an important preventative measure that protect against various serious illnesses. Administration typically begins in infancy, and lasts throughout a person's adult life. In most cases, side effects are minor, and the person moves forward with their life with the peace of mind that those illnesses will likely not affect them. But there are no true guarantees. Sometimes the effects of vaccines are long lasting, and occasionally they may even turn fatal. Because of this, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, was introduced in 1986.

Victim Of Shoulder Injury Due To Vaccine Administration?

Almost everyone has had some sort of vaccination at one point in their lives. In fact, many people get the flu shot each year to protect themselves from getting the potentially deadly virus.  Typically, we experience tenderness in the shot area of the shoulder, which usually goes away in a couple of days. Sometimes, though, while not too common, the pain can last for an extended period of time which can lead to a limited range of motion in the shoulder, intense pain, and other shoulder issues. This occurrence is referred to as Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration, also known as SIRVA.

Balancing Environmental Obligations in the Oil Industry

The oil and gas industries are central to the American economy, and are essential fuel sources for millions. It is largely up to American oil and gas businesses to assure that these resources are made available. In order to accomplish this, there are many things that these businesses need to do to meet necessary licensing and operating requirements that go beyond those of many other types of businesses, largely due to environmental concerns. 

Sinkholes in the Permian: liability in the making

Scientists at Southern Methodist University have been studying the sinkholes near Wink, Texas lately. The startling conclusion that they came to was that the entire Permian Basin area should get ready for more of the same. Decades of pumping oil from the ground followed by more recent fracking of the rock have created instabilities.

To date there have been no significant lawsuits over these sinkholes. But if the recent decision on the Bayou Corne sinkhole here in Louisiana is a good guide we can expect liability over a wide range of companies should more sinkholes develop over populated areas.

Resolving disputes between business partners

Partnerships are a common way to join forces to create a business, especially in the oil and gas industry. There is no formal paperwork to be filed as there is a limited liability corporation (LLC). This makes them very attractive in the fast-moving field of drilling and field development.

Whether you have a general, limited, or joint venture partnership there is always the possibility of a dispute arising. The lack of formality, often the main draw of this kind of business, can suddenly become a problem. Here is a quick guide to resolving disputes among partners.

New oil surge needs infrastructure

It's long been a worry of the oil industry that there simply are not enough pipelines to handle the demand in much of North America. Canada has proven very slow to build up the capacity necessary to handle the demand for their oil from Alberta, in particular. But pipelines across North Dakota have also been built far behind the curve for the Bakken field.

It may come as a surprise, then, that there is demand for new oil infrastructure in Texas. But it is driven by the increasing demand for oil and the inability of these other fields to bring it to the refineries, primarily in Louisiana, at reasonable cost.

Basic information on SIRVA

SIRVA is an acronym for Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration.

The most common cause of SIRVA is the seasonal flu shot. The syndrome starts when a vaccine is injected into the wrong part of the shoulder - too high on the shoulder or too deep into the muscle.

New network of natural gas pipelines proposed to run from West Texas to Louisiana

A $7 billion pipeline network has been proposed to transport natural gas from shale fields in West Texas to export hubs south of Lake Charles. Houston-based Tellurian is still seeking financing for the project, which will involve the construction of three separate pipelines to accommodate increasing natural gas demand in southern Louisiana.

If the project goes as planned, construction of the export terminal south of Lake Charles will be completed in 2022.

These 33 Jobs in Louisiana Paid More Than $100,000 a Year on Average

Recent analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals some interesting facts about some of the highest-paying jobs in Louisiana.

The statistics exclude self-employed workers/entrepreneurs, so the analysis, which focuses only on data from 2016, isn't a complete picture by any means. Still, you might be interested to know about 33 jobs in the state that, in 2016, paid more than $100,000 in annual wages on average.

Protecting industry professionals from construction defect claims

For construction industry professionals, losing a lawsuit over alleged construction defects could have a devastating impact on business. You will likely encounter obstacles with regard to insurance coverage, and the damage to your company's reputation could threaten your livelihood in the long term.

When your business is at stake, you need aggressive legal representation with the experience and resources to protect your interests.

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