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Got a BP Claim? It's More Than You Think

By David Schexnaydre

I saw a law firm's billboard the other day: "Got a BP Claim?"  After having been educated on the subject in an intensive seminar hosted by the top plaintiff's lawyers who actually negotiated the recent BP Settlement with British Petroleum, I thought, "Well, I know what a BP Claim is, but does the general public have any idea that the BP Settlement Agreement affects many more people than fishermen and property owners exposed to oil?"

Does the general public know that if they own a business anywhere in the entire state of Louisiana, the entire state of Mississippi, the entire state of Alabama, and parts of coastal Texas and Florida, they could qualify?  That's right, all the way up to the northern borders of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama!  
A dry cleaner in Corinth, Mississippi?  Yes!  A hotel in Shreveport, Louisiana?  Yes! A law firm in Huntsville, Alabama?  Yes!  An insurance agent in Pensacola, Florida No!
There are some excluded industries -- insurance, oil & gas exploration and refining, real estate development, defense contractors, banks, certain financial institutions, governmental entities.  Other than that, upon proper proof, businesses and individuals can make claims for business economic loss, individual economic loss, seafood compensation, vessels of opportunity, vessel physical damage, real property sales, coastal real property compensation, wetlands real property compensation, and subsistence compensation.  
So, having determined that the law firm who invested in the "Got a BP Claim?" billboard wasted its money, I realized the general public needs to be educated in a meaningful way that they may qualify under the BP Settlement Agreement.  It's a hard thing to do in a 30-second sound bite, or 140 characters or less.  After all, the settlement agreement is over 1,000 pages long and contains over 172 variations on how to recover.  So, I figure the best way for the public to determine whether they are entitled to a portion of the $7.8 billion settlement is to consult with a lawyer who has actually read the document and has formulated checklists and software to ensure all claims are asserted on their client's behalf.   
Doing it any other way is simply guessing at the answer to the question: Got a BP Claim?


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