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London Calling: David Schexnaydre Interviewed by SKY News London

BP must be whining all over Great Britain about how much money they will have to pay to claimants pursuant to the terms of the BP Settlement Agreement because SKY News London's Joel Hills did a story on it today.  Mr. Hills wanted to hear from someone who actually handles BP Economic Loss claims for businesses in the Gulf Coast area, so his staff contacted David Schexnaydre of Pajares & Schexnaydre, LLC, and conducted a live video interview via Skype that was broadcast on SKY News London.

Mr. Hills asked Mr. Schexnaydre to comment on BP's position that it is being unfairly faced with Economic Loss claims by businesses in the Gulf Coast area who cannot show a direct causal link between the BP Oil Spill and a' decline in revenue in the latter part of 2010.  Mr. Schexnaydre pointed out that the Settlement Agreement was negotiated by BP's own lawyers and BP agreed to establishing a presumption of causation if a business can meet the financial criteria set forth in the BP Settlement Agreement, and that if BP is unhappy with that situation, then it only has itself to blame.

Mr. Hills also asked Mr. Schexnaydre about his thoughts on whether fraudulent claims could be made by claimants against the BP Settlement Fund.  Mr. Schexnaydre explained that succeeding with a fraudulent claim would be quite difficult in light of the vast amount of official documentation that must be produced as well as the thorough job the Claims Administrator's accountants are doing analyzing the data and questioning any discrepancies.  

Finally, Mr. Hills inquired whether Mr. Schexnaydre felt sorry for BP for having to pay out so many Business Economic Loss claims to businesses who could not show a direct impact from the spill.  Mr. Schexnaydre responded that BP had the advice of very well-educated and highly paid lawyers and accountants when they negotiated the 1000-page Settlement Agreement, so he did not feel sorry for BP; but Mr. Schexnaydre did express that he felt sorry for the people of the Gulf Coast who had to endure the infiltration of oil into their communities. 

Overall, Mr. Hills was fair in his questioning and did a good job of setting forth BP's complaints regarding the implementation of the BP Settlement Agreement, but Mr. Schexnaydre successfully pointed out that BP's complaints are simply unfounded.

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